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Prof. Marcelo De Lemos
Departamento de Energia - IEME ,
Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica - ITA

Topics: Turbulence in Porous Media

’Turbulence in Porous Media’ introduces the reader to the characterisation of turbulent flow, heat and mass transfer in permeable media, including analytical data and a review of available experimental data. Such transport processes occurring a relatively high velocity in permeable media are present in a number of engineering and natural flows. This new edition features a completely updated text including two new chapters exploring Turbulent Combustion and Moving Porous Media. De Lemos has expertly brought together a text that compiles, details, compares and evaluates available methodologies for modelling and simulating flow, providing an essential tour for engineering students working within the field as well as those working in chemistry, physics, applied mathematics, and geological and environmental sciences.

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